sometimes it all just sucks

I had to put my dog down. Yesterday to be very specific.

Turns out my dog had cancer. He never even so much as lost a step until he missed jumping into the CRV several days back and bellyflopped into the back.

It all went south after that.

Chance Goldeneye Thunder Dog. Best damn dog I ever had.

I’m closing up shop for a while.

I’ve a serious case of my dog died blues.

I’ve also a serious case of had about enough political bullshit and the nazi antics of trumpf and his band of miserable punks. What a sorry collection of sons-of-bitches if ever there was a sorry collection of sons-of-bitches. The idiots pepper-sprayed a fifteen year old girl at a trumpf rally. That’s punk.

Anyway, my dog died. His suffering is over…