the richness of a moment

BREAKING BAD – Egypt’s military junta has made good on their threats to crush opposition to the coup d’état. Pro Morsi supporters are being cleansed in the streets of Cairo. By that of course, they are being slaughtered. Egypt’s military is using bulldozers on the protestors and of course, Egypt’s Gestapo goons learned that little trick from the Israelis.

Jesus, the fucking madness never stops.

More details to come later and now for today’s installment of ‘Irony Can Be So Ironic’ –

Amerika’s SecState Lurch Kerry says “Israeli settlements are illegitimate.”

Wow, has Lurch got a grasp on the glaringly obvious or what.

You see, Israel insists that their settlements can be built on Palestinian land. Which becomes technocratically curious AS, all of what passes as Israel would be Palestine. You see a way back when Romans held tight to Palestine and the Jews got all pissy about Romans holding tight to Palestine, well, the Jews got all cranky with the Romans and summarily got tossed from Palestine. The Romans ran ape-shit all over what is now the formerly known as Palestine landscape but considered “Israel” by “Jews” and considering that history is written by the victorious winners of all land and property disputes, breathe, legality and/or “rightful” becomes more than a shade convoluted if not outright bullshit as dictated by zionistas.


Yeah, settling Middle Eastern disputes becomes an exercise in propaganda futility. The Palestinians hold legal and moral title to Palestine and zionist Jews get all manner of ‘blood libel’ pissed off about that and any and/or all moderately accommodating “negotiations” to remedy the entire freaking mess comes up a crapper. With the bottom line being, the “jews” ain’t about to relent to Palestinians and that’s the truth. Insert rude raspberries here.

The richness of the moment being, the only richness would be the utter galling hypocrisy exercised by amerikan diplomatrix buffoons like SecState Lurch Kerry. While Kerry might truly believe that “Israeli settlements are illegitimate”, he’s not about to do anything to change the status quo. That is that.

“Peace negotiations” are bullshit. Everyday and regular Palestinians know that already.

Which brings up today’s trendy thread. Irony. Ironic isn’t it? Peace and Israeli/Palestinian kabuki diplomania and amerika’s SecState Lurch Kerry. Ironically challenged and utterly wasting your time and my time and Palestinian time and that is as is said, that.

Ironic reflections on current events that are slowly sliding into the darkness of a NSA memory hole. Hmmm, one could suppose that “metric” would be a stasi episode of state sponsored Alzheimer’s.