natural born lunatics

Amerika is awash in guns.

Amerika is awash in assault rifles.

Those assault rifles are NOT for hunting deer.

Or whatever other animal the nimrods are wont to shoot the life out of.

Amerika is awash in guns and assault rifles to shoot the life out of other humans.

Shamefully insane.

The Regunlican Congress is not about now nor ever, going to make any changes to Amerika’s gun status quo.

Of course were the Regunlicans being shot en masse by some screwy freak outfitted with assault weaponry and pockets filled with guns, well, it would be a different story then.

I find it more than curious that Regunlicans are never caught up in the mass murders that plague Amerika at present. Any argument about Regunlicans being “armed and dangerous” is woefully weak.

One of these days the gun karma will catch up with Regunlicans and Mitch McConnell’s family will die at the hands of  an enraged disgruntled jihadi packing serious heat. That’s inevitable. I can see the headlines now –

Bristol Palin Shot Dead On Streets Of Wasilla! Mother Palin Vows Caribou Revenge!! Jihadis In Alaska, Who Knew?!?

It’s only a matter of time and the tides. Soon as the family of some prominent Regunlican is shot dead, changes to Amerika’s gun laws will happen faster than one can say “draw pardner…”


crackers, nimrods, and assorted wing nuts

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) says the U.S. Constitution only applies to people “who cling to their God and their guns.” See the link –

Homey the Gohmert does not elucidate which “god” should be clung to nor which “guns” that aforementioned “god” might prefer. I’ve got to figure that “god” would be partial to an AK-47. That’d be my gun of choice. You know, if I were about the business of having a “gun” choice. I’m not by the by. However, that AK-47 is one slick firearm. Did you know that one can submerge an AK-47 in water, pull the AK out of water and then and then, fire that AK like nothing was amiss. That’s pretty dang slick right there boy. Oh yes and, one would by necessity need AK-47 bullets. I don’t know what manner of bullets an AK-47 would need. Probably bullets that would find their way “smooth up in ya.” Get it? That’s a musical reference right there. From the band BulletBoys? ‘Smooth Up In Ya’. Snappy little top-tapper. Rockin’ tune for sure. You can YouBoob the tune. Google it up and rock on. Toggle up ‘smooth up in ya bullet boys’ and that’ll work. The BulletBoys make no endorsement of AK-47’s.

I’m not certain what it was that crawled up Gohmert’s sphincter that got him rattled and railing about the U.S. Constitution, “god and their guns”, or whatever. Probably wouldn’t matter anyway. Possibly, one might not want to know. Gohmert walks to the beat of a ‘different drummer’. For sure. Gohmert might be a half decent sort of guy. I don’t know what kind of guy he is. However, Gohmert is a bit knee-jerk and given the publicity he generates, Gohmert comes across as more than stupid. The U.S. Constitution applies to ANY citizen of these here United States of America. Evidently that aspect eludes Gohmert.

The bottom line here is that Gohmert is pandering. Gohmert needs to gratify an innate need to appear as relevant to cultural debate. The blah blah blah that washes across the mainstream whore media that whips the American people into frenzy. Not all American people, just the American people that feel a need to be whipped into frenzy. Hmmm, that’d evoke an image of the flagellant.

Did you know that Antonin Scalia is a flagellant? Well he sure as hell is. So’s Mumbles Alito. Can you say “Opus Dei?” Whoopsies, I digress. Go figure.

America is not bound by the panderers nor the preachifyers nor the war criminals at the controls of government. Nope America is not. America, in theory, is better than that.

And then there’s Wayne LaPierre. That boy is spooky for sure –