6 thoughts on “pithious newt

      • Skulz, I’ll try not to get too maudlin here, but you have no idea how sad I am. I miss your daily ‘kick ’em in the ass’ posts and we know that you would be having a field day with Trump and his shenanigans and the blog world is just not the same. I knew something had to be wrong when you stopped posting. I just hoped it was because you had just had enough with us stupid Americans. I was hoping it had nothing to do with deteriorating health. It seems most people I know, in person or those I’ve met via online, are not faring too well, health wise and it saddens me. I know that we all must leave up out of here, but I must say, when someone makes an impact on your life; regardless of virtual or real, it really hurts to know that they may be suffering.

        Skulz, no matter how much I rant and rave, please know that I have ALWAYS only wished you well! Stay strong, man! Stay strong!

        Much love,


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