9 thoughts on “archival footage

  1. I haven’t been around places like this much in the last few years, the main reason being what is said in the video below, those on the so-called “left” talk and they talk, and talk, and talk, and fucking TALK! I’m sick of talk.

    You and all your inane PC comrades on the so-called left have been talking, – which the rich could give a fuck less about- carrying protest signs in your “marches” – which again the rich (corporate controllers of this nation) could give a fuck less about – for going on 40 years now and look where the fuck we are. And no, having a corporate uncle tom (AKA Black Bush) for president (sold more arms to the middle east, – namely Israel – than ANY previous president before him, even Bush2) does not count as real “progress” and your stupid and/or uninformed if you belive so, and now, we have a mentally ill fascist.

    John Lennon said “give peace a chance” we did, see where the fuck it got us today. Sorry hippies.

    I really hope that carrying signs, banging on fucking bongo’s, or praying to the/a great spirit (S) will get us out of the emergence of Fascism in this country, but history, and a bit of Realest perspective tell me otherwise.



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  2. You disappeared from my blog roll! I’m slow at catching up, but I made it eventually *smiles*

    V for Vendetta is my favourite film of all time to date. It’s spot on to a deadly measure.

    – esme waving at Don upon the Cloud


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